Episode 38 of ‘The Garret’



Dr Tony Birch chats on podcast The Garret.

Show notes

various pieces

Thirteen young editors from Melbourne’s west investigated many a crime and murder mysteries lurking in their neighbourhoods to put together the sixth issue of early harvest:


‘Investigation of Pencil Red’ by Orlando Cavallaro (age 13). Published in early harvest issue six:


‘Terror at 1000 Storey’ is a collaborative, interactive story about you, your dog, and a towering inferno! Go on press the link


Shoes of Doom is a zine featuring micro stories by young writers aged 5 to 16 in collaboration with artist Cam Baker. Published by 100 Story Building:


Fitbits and Baby Apes

In this podcast, young writers at 100 Story Building share micro stories and discuss important matters such what if Fitbits could act as ‘homework completers’ and where do baby apes sleep:

Created by BooWriClu
Stories by Eden, Giuseppe, Jessie, Kate, Lily, Mikayla, Nang, Owen, Petra and Sav
Production: Lucas and Simon



Level 87 Podcast
Over the summer holidays, the members of Level 87 Book Club managed to prise open the trapdoor and sneak down the 100 Story Building elevator to record their very first podcast. Too bad the elevator doors were rusted shut due to poor maintenance service checks!

Nevertheless, they were able to utilise their new sound recording and editing skills to capture the mysterious sounds from the underground levels, talk about their favourite books and report back their findings on the definite lack of snacks available.

Created by Level 87 Book Club

‘Episode 74: The Death of the Personal Essay, Hounds of Love and Spirit Animals’


In this week’s podcast we investigate rumours of the death of the personal essay. Then we watch Hounds of Love, Ben Young’s cinematic portrait of a serial-killer marriage. And finally we explore the consolations and cultural complexities of identifying with a spirit animal.


Links to pieces discussed:

‘The Personal-Essay Boom is Over’ by Jia Tolentino in The New Yorker.

Khalid interviewed at The Writers Bloc on ‘Anatomy of: A Personal Essay’.

The trailer for Hounds of Love.

Helen Macdonald’s New York Times Magazine essay, ‘What Animals Taught Me About Being Human’.


Khalid recommends The Mezzanine by Nicholson Baker.

Mel recommends Wonder Woman.

Dion recommends The Selfishness of Others: An Essay on the Fear of Narcissism by Kristin Dombek.