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Published by Archer


— Jax Sansbury

I am like a flower. I have so many petals that make me who I am, but at the centre of all those petals is my pistil – my Aboriginality.

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Novel excerpt
Published by Affirm Press


— Melanie Saward

I can’t imagine ever getting sick of the beach. It would be like getting sick of going on holidays: impossible.

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Published by Overland

Bodies. Lives. Intertwined.

— Jordana Silverstein

There is an invitation there to reflect on past relationships I’ve been in, with the non-Jews and the Jews. The textures of the bodies and the love that has flown between us. The passions and the hurt. The ambiguities and the incredible neuroses.

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Digital literature
Published by Emerging Writers Festival

Melbourne General Cemetery

— Danielle Scrimshaw

Begin at the main entrance, with the university colleges behind you. If you pause for a moment to listen, you should hear the traffic and trams in nearby streets, maybe distant yells from the two sports ovals you are sandwiched between.

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Published by Australian Poetry

Spiral Syndicate

— Abbra Kotlarczyk

The thing about a garden is—you have to be able to see—all sides—of its / cycle—Hold it—lapidarian—in your mind.

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Published by Meanjin

Beekeeping as an Act of Resistance 

— Bethany Patch

Counter to my more mindless hobbies is the attention that tending to bees inspires in me—attention that varies in its depth of focus, ranging from passive observation to meditative focus, unlike the homogenous, habitual energy I give Instagram.

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Published by Liminal


— André Dao

On a personal level, this resonates. Who doesn’t remember, with something more than fondness, the first scene of belonging? Who would argue for rootlessness?

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Novel excerpt
Published by Transit Lounge


— Eugen Bacon

TIME IMMEMORIAL, two sides to every coin. Two tellers brush a tale. Broken pieces. A mirage. Here’s mine. Genesis. 

I’m Tex. 

I don’t say much, just enough. But this is not my story.

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Novel excerpt
Published by Scribe Publications

Naked Ambition

— Robert Gott

The package that emerged from the back of the delivery van was much larger and heavier than Gregory Buchanan was expecting.

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Graphic storytelling
Published by Glom Press

Check Points

— Michael Fikaris

In the city there is no place for those without a reason.

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Short story
Published by Debris Magazine

Dad Odyssey

— Scott Limbrick

It would be a shame to slip away knowing there were visions I hadn’t seen, items I hadn’t possessed. I’m extremely aware of a fact my dad somehow hasn’t learned: life is there to be lived.

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Book extract
Published by Text Publishing

‘House of Longing’

— Tara Calaby

She was startled when the door burst open, pushed by a firm hand then flung inwards by the wind, and a splatter of thick raindrops blew in from the street. They were followed by the most beautiful woman Charlotte had ever seen.

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Graphic storytelling
Published by Voiceworks

Two Weeks of Peace, Three Years Apart

— Charles Roper

I am languid in a bad way
I am languid in a good way!

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Published by Cordite


— Lucy Van

Verrition: an untranslatable term Césaire used to indicate a kind of sweeping. Not really: it was a term to indicate the double jouissance of licking words, over and over again.

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Published by Kill Your Darlings

Trans Histories and the Legacy of Jack Jorgensen

— Sam Elkin

What a tremendous gift it would have been, to have known that there were people in history who might now be called trans, people who lived as the genders they knew that they were, regardless of what society had told them.