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Short story
Published by Debris Magazine

Dad Odyssey

— Scott Limbrick

My dad has fled to a cottage in the Dandenongs with all his books about the Second World War. My mum is distraught and concerned for his safety, yet furious this has happened once again. I pour her a glass of water and assure her everything will be okay, as long as dad has left…

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Published by Archer Magazine


— Jax Sansbury

I am like a flower. I have so many petals that make me who I am, but at the centre of all those petals is my pistil – my Aboriginality.

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Book extract
Published by Text Publishing

‘House of Longing’

— Tara Calaby

She was startled when the door burst open, pushed by a firm hand then flung inwards by the wind, and a splatter of thick raindrops blew in from the street. They were followed by the most beautiful woman Charlotte had ever seen.

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Graphic storytelling
Published by Voiceworks

Two Weeks of Peace, Three Years Apart

— Charles Roper

I am languid in a bad way
I am languid in a good way!

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Published by Cordite


— Lucy Van

1.  Verrition: an untranslatable term Césaire used to indicate a kind of sweeping. Not really: it was a term to indicate the double jouissance of licking words, over and over again. But that is not unlike sweeping, and sweeping is not unlike action painting, your heft and back pushing bristles as they sound off, marking…

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Published by Kill Your Darlings

Trans Histories and the Legacy of Jack Jorgensen

— Sam Elkin

“In a moment of growing backlash towards the transgender community, I’ve been drawn to the history books. The story of a Victorian man whose death in 1893 became a sensationalised headline reminds us that gender non-conforming people have always been here.”